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Reduce Your Phishing Failures – Guaranteed.


Our CYBERology™ based solution can reduce phishing rates by up to 75%.

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Proven to Measurably Reduce Click-Through Rates on Phishing Schemes

  • Our innovative methodology, reinforced by our Patent-Pending myQ Style Assessment provides insight to ones personal Risk-Style and how that affects their online behavior
  • Our approach improves mindfulness and situational awareness to overcome one’s natural online impulses and instincts – guaranteed

How the phishFixIQ Program Works

Step 1

Give Us Your Phishing Clicksters –
We’ll Fix Your Clicks!

For a limited time, get a FREE 2-week trial of our SaaS based solution – let myQ uncover your employee’s Risk-Style

Step 2

Complete the Style-Aligned cyberconIQ Phishing Training

Educate your employees with our style-aligned phishFixIQ Behavior Modification Training.

Step 3

Re-Test Your Clicksters and Watch Their Improvement – Guaranteed!

Re-test your Clicksters within 30 days with your phishing solution and watch those click-rates decrease – guaranteed