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Central PA Innovate
Virtual Conference | Find Out How CYBERology Sets cyberconIQ Apart

Session Date & Time:

Thursday June 3, 2021 – 11:40-12 pm EST

Hosted by:

Dr. James Norrie, Founder and CEO of cyberconIQ

Session Description:

Join Dr. James Norrie as he discusses our CYBERology™ approach to cybersecurity training. All our solutions mitigate cyber risk by leveraging CYBERology™- the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology. Having this concept as our foundation gives us an edge that no other cybersecurity company has.

Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania

“Great technology happens right here in Central PA. Offering an opportunity for technologists to share how their local tech innovations help solve problems, improve efficiency and/or positively impact the bottom line, this virtual event will bring together tech producers and tech users from across all industries while rising the profile of our local and regional tech community assets.”

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Board Member - James Norrie 


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