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How you react to and process information is based on your personal style. That means your cybersecurity education should be based on your personal style too!
We have four main styles to choose from that will help us differentiate your learning and make it relevant to you.

Please review each style below and decide which one represents you best!

As you choose, remember two important ideas:
1) All styles are essential!
2) There is no better or worse style, just your style.

Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4
You view rules more like guidelines. You trust that rules are beneficial but are willing to break them if necessary to progress. You question rules but hesitate to disregard them completely. You follow the rules and try to avoid chaos.
You enjoy taking chances, especially with your latest ideas. You are open to taking worthwhile chances. You will consider taking harmless chances when necessary. You heed caution before taking chances.
If possible, you will take on the lead role when working with others. You work well with others, especially those who are experts or innovative. You work well on a team if everyone pulls their own weight. When working with others, you are the organizer and make sure that tasks are accomplished.
You crave independence and want your voice to be heard in decisions. You're more motivated by internal reasoning as opposed to external praise. You rely on yourself to solve problems and enjoy diving deeper into your work. You enjoy people relying on you to know what's going on or the next steps.
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