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Cybersecurity Education for Students – academIQ

Empowering Wise Choices in Student Cybersecurity Education

Introduce Cybersecurity Curriculum in a Fun & Interactive Way

Today’s students are more at risk online than any previous generation. They have often lived their lives out loud and online in a post-private world. This often makes them immune to a deeper understanding of how their online instincts and impulses may leave them at risk in so many ways, sometimes with lifelong consequences. 

To help minimize these risks, we align our curriculum to the essence of digital citizenship, information literacy and personal cybersecurity.

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Empowering Students to Improved Cyber Hygiene & Data Care

  • Targeted for students in grades 7 – 12
  • Uses engaging, age-appropriate and diverse characters reacting to real-world examples to empower students to make wiser choices online
  • Playful and inclusive environment for students to explore both teacher-led classroom discussions and online curriculum
  • Intuitive dashboard with video and application based learning tools

Empower Educators With the Tools They Need

Standards-Based Teacher Resources

For the classroom teacher, we make lesson planning a breeze with:

  • All lessons aligned to ISTE, literacy and library standards
  • Packaged resources and supporting materials designed to promote the content students need to thrive in our inter-connected world
  • Professional Development support

Discover up-to-date Digital Citizenship content and activities for students at our Teacher-Pay-Teacher account page. You’ll find a collection of downloadable resources for your classroom!

"academIQ is a well rounded, organized and very informative program... It presents timely information in an interactive and engaging manner that not only starts the discussion but facilitates a deeper look at cyber safety. I highly recommend it to any school or division."

I. Woytowich, Literacy Teacher

"The preparation work done by cyberconIQ in preparing a scope and sequence, the curriculum correlations, and many teaching materials allowed their program to flow seamlessly into the work of teachers and actually reduce workload rather than exist as yet another add on. This is a high-quality program which engages students and has the flexibility to allow teachers a high degree of professional autonomy in its delivery."

J. Bock, Program Support - Curriculum

myQ Student Edition

Uncover Your Student's
Online Risk-Style

  • The learning journey begins with our myQ questionnaire, which helps students understand how their personality drives their online instincts and impulses and helps promote self-awareness
  • Our four-quadrant behavioral model deepens student engagement and encourages deeper application of learning with our style-aligned, personalized and curated content
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