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We are a patent-pending cybersecurity risk management platform. We transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts their cybersecurity Risk-Style. By taking your organization’s overall ‘cyber DNA’ and leveraging reliable industry data with our cybermetrIQs platform, we provide a path to improved cyber hygiene based on cybersecurity frameworks (CIS, ISO, NIST).


Founding Vision

Dr. James L. Norrie is the founder and CEO of cyberconIQ Inc. and a professor of cybersecurity at York College of Pennsylvania. In his sixth book, amazon best-seller Cybercon – Protecting Ourselves From Big Tech and Bigger Lies, he details the development and applications of a proprietary, standardized assessment that can accurately predict your personal online cybersecurity risk style.

A noted expert, he makes frequent media appearances, speaks, writes, and consults globally about how tone-from-the-top, improving cyber situational awareness and other high-impact practices can reduce organizational risk and to help make cybersecurity a team sport. His mission is to tilt the global conversation about social technologies toward hope and dissipate fear by modifying online behavior, mitigating the risks of third-party inspired human hacks, and make the internet a safer place for us all.

Our Team

Board Member - James Norrie

James Norrie

CEO, Founder

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John Dolmetsch

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Patti Stirk

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Charles Clark

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Steve Tansey BoD

Steve Tansey

Board Member

Russ Riggins - cyberconIQ

Russ Riggins

Board Member, CFO

Roger Ley - cyberconIQ

Roger Ley

Chief Technology Officer

Kristine Stewart - cyberconIQ

Kristine Stewart

Chief Marketing Officer

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Todd Spahr

Chief Learning Officer

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Chief Channel Officer

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Lucy Proteau

VP. Product & Service Delivery

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Cindy Hettchen

Director of Sales