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cyberconIQ - CYBERology
  • cyberconIQ is the most effective and advanced Risk Management Platform available today.
  • cyberconIQ is a proprietary technology that goes far beyond traditional training programs to substantially lower the probability and costs of cyber breaches.
  • cyberconIQ mitigates cyber risk by leveraging CYBERology™ – the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology, which is the foundation of our solutions.

Most organizations focus on technology and risk-controlled process designs as their primary risk mitigation tools. cyberconIQ is an innovative solution that enables a company to substantially reduce cyber risk through our patent-pending myQ Style Assessment, cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard and unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform. cyberconIQ’s approach tackles total cybersecurity risk from an integrated perspective, targeting management’s attention on the human elements first. At cyberconIQ it is our mission to:

Reduce the probability of a successful cyber attacks by educating more effectively and more efficiently than our competition through style-aligned adaptive training…with more engagement comes more recall.
Reduce the total cost of an attack through our platform’s ability to change on-the-job behavior, as well as the ability to prioritize incidents of concern for CISO’s.
Advancing the risk and compliance culture through empowering, not exhausting clients, by emphasizing cybersecurity as a team sport and cultivating a trust that leads to long-term relationships with the unIQue learning platform.

Founding Vision

Dr. James L. Norrie is the founder and CEO of cyberconIQ Inc. and a professor of cybersecurity at York College of Pennsylvania. In his sixth book, amazon best-seller Cybercon – Protecting Ourselves From Big Tech and Bigger Lies, he details the development and applications of a proprietary, standardized assessment that can accurately predict your personal online cybersecurity risk style.

A noted expert, he makes frequent media appearances, speaks, writes, and consults globally about how tone-from-the-top, improving cyber situational awareness and other high-impact practices can reduce organizational risk and to help make cybersecurity a team sport. His mission is to tilt the global conversation about social technologies toward hope and dissipate fear by modifying online behavior, mitigating the risks of third-party inspired human hacks, and make the internet a safer place for us all.

Board of Directors

Board Member - James Norrie

James Norrie

CEO, Founder

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John Dolmetsch

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Charles Clark

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Russ Riggins

Board Member, CFO

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