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Cyber Incident Response Simulation – Customized Incident Response Plan

Establish Best Practices for Policies, Personnel & Procedures with our IR Tabletop Exercise.

We customize an action plan based on your controls & Threat landscape

With recent regulatory changes and requirements, the importance of cyber resiliency and preparation is even more critical –  which is why it is imperative to train for potential cyber incidents or attacks. Even the best Cyber Incident Response Simulation or Cyber Incident Response Plan (IRP) needs to be assessed and re-evaluated as threat landscapes evolve, new employees start and your environment changes.

Our unique approach combines the power of advanced technology with in-depth behavioral science, enabling your team to handle cyber threats with intelligence and resilience.

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“Our engagement with cyberconIQ’s Advisory team in deploying a tailored Incident Response Tabletop simulation was invaluable. Their proficiency in understanding our business requirements, along with their adept execution of a comprehensive and engaging simulation, not only improved our organization's preparedness for potential incidents, but also augmented our team's security culture and teamwork.”

Nevin Markwart, CISOFutureVault
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Is Your Team Prepared for a Cyber Breach?

Our Cyber Incident Response Simulation is an interactive discussion-based scenario that will ask your team to make timely decisions on a real-world cyber event.  The Advisory Services team at cyberconIQ facilitates a discussion with your incident response team that includes clarification of roles, validating responses, evaluating preparedness and identifying areas for improvement while maintaining compliance regulations.

  • Customized to organization’s controls & threat landscape
  • Efficient and effective action plan
  • Real-world exercise simulations
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  • Boost awareness with up-to-date exercises
  • Practice decision making under simulated threats
  • Progress alignment for specific roles & team members
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Elevate Your Cybersecurity Posture with Proven IR Simulations

If you are part of Cyber Incident Response Team, SOC, IT Management or Security Leader (CISO, CIO) the following are the benefits one can expect when working with our team:

  1. Reduced Risk: Identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your current incident response plan.
  2. Team Collaboration: Foster team building and improve cross-functional communication.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: A virtual environment reduces costs related to travel, logistics, and physical infrastructure.
  4. Compliance: Keep current with regulatory standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA by proving due diligence in cybersecurity training.
  5. Knowledge Retention: Practical exercises lead to better skill retention than traditional training methods.

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