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Leveraging the fundamentals from our advanced cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard, our online Cyber Risk Calculator tool reports from aggregate public and private data sources using fixed assumptions on the average costs of a cybersecurity breach over time. The calculation also factors historical information and the specific industry type and organization location you voluntarily provide. The results are representative only. Please contact our team for a more detailed analysis of your environment’s potential cyber risk.

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With a few simple clicks, cyberconIQ can determine your organization’s potential financial risk based on aggregated data in your region.¹

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¹ Legal Disclaimer:  Based on annual data from IBM, FBI, Verizon etc. Appropriate for planning and educational purposes only.  Contact us to discuss your unique environment in further detail.  We are not responsible for the future accuracy of this result or your use of it for any purpose. This estimate does not include damages associated with loss of brand, customer trust, sales or stock price as/if applicable. Damages for a “mega breach” involving the loss of 1M or more records are less predictable as a result of the potential for class action lawsuits and should not be estimated using this method.
² Company Size: Most reliable research has been done on organizations of 25,000 or less and this method may or may not be reliable for estimating costs of organizations beyond that range.

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