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myQ Human Cyber Risk Style Assessment

Addressing the Human Element in Cybersecurity Risk Management


At the core of our solution is our patented myQ Human Cyber Risk-Style Assessment, driven by trait-based personality theory, providing insight into one’s online “style” or behavior. This quick, non-invasive questionnaire identifies specific types of cybersecurity attacks (known as threat vectors) that are more likely to succeed given any particular individual’s particular risk/rule style. These also create the opportunity to consider overall rates of risk for the entire organization by mapping its organizational make-up according to the range of people found in each style quadrant.

Your journey to improved cyber-awareness begins with curated content delivered through our unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform with lessons that are Style-Aligned® to your Risk-Style quadrant and adapts with progress to ensure your comprehension.

Our Behavioral Science Approach offers the following benefits:


  • 56% more self-reported changes in on-the-job behavior than generic training alternatives,
  • 1.6 times better recall at 30-day retests,
  • generated approximately 40% fewer IOC’s (Incidents of Concern)
  • reduced phishing failures by up to 95%

Change Your Corporate Security Culture

A proprietary cybersecurity awareness training program, we instill a security-first culture in your organization by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior is impacted by their cybersecurity Risk-Style – visually depicted in our cyberconIQ Human Cyber Risk Style Quadrants.

We turn cybersecurity into a team sport that helps keep the organization safer and makes a CISO’s job much easier.

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