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Are you a rule follower or breaker? Do you avoid risks or take them?

At cyberconIQ, our research proves that these two considerations predict our behaviour online and off, and can predict our vulnerabilities to different types of cyber-security threats.

Our patent-pending assessment tool, a series of non-invasive personality questions, determines which quadrant you land in: Risk Taker, Risk Maker, Risk Shaker or Risk Breaker.

Here’s Dr. James Norrie to explain it further…

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Cybercon the book is a breakthrough concept in cybersecurity.  Dr. James Norrie takes us on a journey of self discovery that can lead to real change in “on the job” behaviour.

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Get your non-invasive cyberconIQ Assessment to determine your risk profile, and learn how you can be better prepared for the next cyber attack.

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After taking the cyberconIQ Assessment, you’ll receive your online behavioral risk profile and details about which threat vectors are of most risk to you so you can feel confident about saving yourself.

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We provide adaptable, applicable and reliable tactics that when consistently implemented by employees have been shown to reduce incidents of compromise/concern (IOC’s) by 40%.

We transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts on their cybersecurity risk profile.

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From Fear and Anxiety to Hope and Empowerment

Read a perspective on the cyberconIQ approach from someone who has both been accountable for information security and led the IT human resource function at different times in her career. Seibel says, “CyberconIQ understands that a learning environment is about creating change in behaviour, and through that positive change employees are empowered to respond appropriately to critical cybersecurity threats.”

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In business today, we have done everything we can to secure technology and still there are breaches. The missing component is the human element of cybersecurity which this author explores in a compelling and convincing way that will help us all stay safer online. Well done!

—Mark Ripplinger, President & CEO, Everlink Payment Services

Do parasailing and cybersecurity intersect? Learn how when you read this book! Fascinating. A heartfelt ground-breaker that convincingly transforms cybersecurity conversations from fear to hope...

—Carol-Ann Hamilton, Best-selling author, consultant, speaker, and national radio show host

Cybersecurity keeps executives up at night, wondering if they will be the next headline-making victim of an unfortunate cyberattack that hurts their customers and harms their brand. Given we are all just one click away from scandal, I recommend this book to any leader of any provides a blue- print for mitigating the human side of cybersecurity, something most organizations are simply missing.

—Barry Clavir, Founder and CEO, Leader’s Beyond Inc.

Buy it. Read it. Do it. Genius!

—Tracy Abbott, Chief Compliance Officer

As someone who does not truly understand the intricacies of the world of technology, I found this book very revealing. It gives voice to many of my own fears, and offers hope for the future. It is inspired reading for anyone concerned about society’s collective online destiny.

—Dr. Judith A. Kirkpatrick, retired Professor, Dean and Provost

Once again, Dr Norrie cuts straight to the root cause of contemporary online hacks with a refreshing change from the usual fear-mongering to an innovative approach that encourages education and cooperation.

—Stuart Grant, Chief Compliance Officer

If you want to fight hackers, change tactics. Cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, touching work and families all the time. Big Tech & Bigger Lies can help you SAVE yourself from yourself and protect your money in an age of increasing cyber vulnerability. Upgrade your online behavior today!

—Kyle Reid and Cheryl Purves, Small Business Owners

As a cybersecurity professional who consults about keeping organizations safe, I am always striving to learn about the latest advances in our field. Time and again we blame cyber breaches on the technology, which fails to recognize the human element that is ultimately the most important factor. This book solves that puzzle!

—Ajay Randhawa, Cybersecurity Consultant

Are you at risk? Or maybe your family or workplace? This book addresses our human vulnerabilities online, and Dr. Norrie offers innovative strategies to combat these issues helping make surfing safer for us all.

—Harley Ranson, Retired Aviation Engineering Executive
Board Member - James Norrie

James Norrie


Dr. James Norrie is the founder of cyberconIQ Inc. and a professor at York College of Pennsylvania. This is his sixth book. His proprietary, standardized cyberconIQ assessment predicts your personal cybersecurity risk profile. A noted expert, he makes frequent media appearances, speaks, writes, and consults globally about how tone from the top, improving cyber situational awareness and other high-impact practices can reduce organizational risk and to help make cybersecurity a team sport. His mission is to tilt the global conversation about social technologies toward hope and dissipate fear by modifying online behavior, mitigating the risks of third-party inspired human hacks, and make the internet a safer place for us all.
Board Member - Patti Stirk

Patti Stirk

Board Member

Ms. Patti Stirk is a proud resident of York, PA. A graduate of York College (class of '87 and her MBA in '99), she founded and was CEO of Star Systems Engineering which was later sold to the Business Information Group, after which her love of the arts and her community led to her establishing the non-profit Small Star Art House, a local independent movie theater. As an experienced entrepreneur and business executive, she lends her time and talent to both local causes and community development, encouraging new local enterprises to establish in York. She is the elected representative of the Class A shareholders of cyberconIQ representing their interests on the Board of Directors.
Board Member - John Dolmetsch

John Dolmetsch

Board Member

John Dolmetsch is a co-founder of Business Information Group (BIG), a technology services firm launched in the early 1990's. It remains and one of Pennsylvania’s leading technology firms, now with a national market footprint. John led the BIG team for over 26 years, initiating multiple leading edge initiatives in the wireless space including Smart grid technologies for some of the largest US based public utilities, Wi-Fi for the Papal visit in Philadelphia and Comcast’s successful nationwide WIFI hotspot program. He is an oft-quoted expert in his field.

He started his entrepreneurial career early in life (starting with a worm farm at age 10) and now uses those entrepreneurial instincts and experience to mentor, launch and coach early-stage technology ventures to market readiness. He is a proud graduate of York College of Pennsylvania. In his spare time he enjoys big game sport fishing, diving, target shooting and is an fitness enthusiast as he believes working hard and playing hard is an excellent mantra for a happy and healthy business career.

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Cybercon is a breakthrough concept in cybersecurity.  Dr. James Norrie takes us on a journey of self discovery that can lead to real change in “on the job” behaviour.

“Buy it. Read it. Do it. Genius!”
—Tracy Abbott, Chief Compliance Officer

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With our training program, your leadership and employee teams will feel confident against cyber attacks. We provide adaptable, applicable and reliable tactics that when consistently implemented by employees have been shown to reduce incidents by 40%.

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ABOUT THE Assessment

The results of the patent-pending cyber IQ security risk assessment deliver a personal cyber profile that corresponds to one of four quadrants. With these, we can identify an individual’s particular risk/rule profile specific to types of potential cybersecurity attacks or threat vectors.

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