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A patent-pending cybersecurity
threat awareness learning platform.

Is your corporate environment prepared for the increasing cyber threats during these unprecedented times?

Our patent-pending assessment tool is the first step in our process to enhance employee cyber awareness. With the assessment completed and their online risk-style determined, our customized and adaptive learning platform educates employees about the specific online threats their style quadrant may be susceptible to while working from home or the office.

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Patent-Pending myQ Assessment

cyberconIQ’s non-invasive myQ Style Assessment determines your personal Risk-Style, and is the foundation for our personalized training program to keep you safer online.

unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform

After taking the myQ Assessment,you’ll receive your online behavioral risk-style and customized cyber awareness education based on threat vectors of most risk to your style quadrant.


We provide adaptable, applicable and reliable tactics that when consistently implemented by employees have been shown to reduce incidents of compromise/concern (IOC’s) by 40%.

Most organizations focus on technology and risk-controlled process designs as their primary risk mitigation tools. cyberconIQ is an innovative solution that enables a company to substantially reduce cyber risk through our patent-pending assessment and adaptive learning platform. cyberconIQ’s approach tackles total cybersecurity risk from an integrated perspective, targeting management’s attention on the human elements first. At cyberconIQ it is our mission to:

Reduce the probability of a successful cyber attacks by educating more effectively and more efficiently than our competition through style-aligned adaptive training…with more engagement comes more recall.
Reduce the total cost of an attack through our learning platform’s ability to change on-the-job behavior, as we well as the ability to prioritize incidents of concern for CISO’s.
Advancing the risk and compliance culture through empowering, not exhausting clients, by emphasizing cybersecurity as a team sport and cultivating a trust that leads to long-term relationships with the unIQue learning platform.

Find out how much a cyber attack can cost your specific organization with our Cyber Risk Calculator.

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In business today, we have done everything we can to secure technology and still there are breaches. The missing component is the human element of cybersecurity which this author explores in a compelling and convincing way that will help us all stay safer online. Well done!

—Mark Ripplinger, President & CEO, Everlink Payment Services

cyberconIQ has cracked the code to truly analyze and understand the key motivators of what drives employees to become victims of cyberattacks. It’s a proven game-changer that makes a real and permanent difference how people behave online and respond to potential threats. Organizations can rest easier knowing that cyberconIQ has the science and 'magic' to affect such significant behavioral change.

—Barry Clavir, Founder and CEO, Leader’s Beyond Inc.

Once again, Dr Norrie cuts straight to the root cause of contemporary online hacks with a refreshing change from the usual fear-mongering to an innovative approach that encourages education and cooperation.

—Stuart Grant, Chief Compliance Officer

If you want to fight hackers, change tactics. Cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, touching work and families all the time. Big Tech & Bigger Lies can help you SAVE yourself from yourself and protect your money in an age of increasing cyber vulnerability. Upgrade your online behavior today!

—Kyle Reid and Cheryl Purves, Small Business Owners

As a cybersecurity professional who consults about keeping organizations safe, I am always striving to learn about the latest advances in our field. Time and again we blame cyber breaches on the technology, which fails to recognize the human element that is ultimately the most important factor. This book solves that puzzle!

—Ajay Randhawa, Cybersecurity Consultant