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CASE STUDY – United Way – Greater Toronto


United Way Greater Toronto


United Way Greater Toronto sustains a vital social safety net across Peel, Toronto and York Region. Our network of 280 community agencies is there during times of stability and crisis, providing hundreds of thousands of people with much-needed support, close to home. Our work is fueled by groundbreaking research and powerful partnerships with businesses, government and donors, which allow us to identify gaps and mobilize local love to strengthen the places where we all live, work and raise our families.


Rather than a destination, digital transformation is a journey that starts with the basics, but can evolve into a revolutionary change in the way our organization works with communities and donors. The digital transformation priorities of United Way Greater Toronto are to enable a digital workforce, modernize technology, enhance digital fundraising and above all, become an Insight Driven Organization. We are an integrated eco-system of partnerships and know that by focusing on our core capabilities we can achieve our strategic vision, using partnerships to create a scalable and flexible IDO delivery model.

United Way Greater Toronto is currently working with partners to integrate its data platform into a modernized enterprise architecture to deliver value for both us and the partners and agencies with whom we work. But to achieve the value promised by cloud service providers, we must recognize that the nature of our IT risks will change. Managing our cybersecurity risk is a top priority.


While a technology move to the cloud will support our strategic direction, we must understand and create a solid pathway to managing the cybersecurity risk inherent in that move. This Cybersecurity Playbook is designed to lay out the best practices in cybersecurity, and with a knowledge and understanding of our organization to define options for continuous improvement in our cybersecurity maturity.


A first step in our journey is leveraging cyberconIQ’s policyIQ framework for our Information Security Program. Their Advisory team solution provides succinct policy directives to our organization with clear authorities and accountabilities. Identifying and managing our corresponding standards and procedures is now a manageable undertaking.

“The Advisory Services delivered Cybersecurity Playbook has provided us with clear options in our journey to a safe and secure online environment for our employees, donors and partner agencies alike. We now have a defined pathway to achieving our priority of actively managing our cybersecurity risk.”

Michael Chong, Chief Financial & Operating Officer

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Download the United Way – Greater Toronto Case Study here.