Improve Your Cyber Risk Posture One Employee and Style at a Time

Innovative Human Cyber Risk Management Platform


Through its patented research, cyberconlQ offers a full suite of SaaS based solutions that are proven to measurably reduce the probability of a human factors cybersecurity breach. Operating at the intersection of technology and psychology, cyberconlQ embeds proven behavioral science methods targeting changes in on-the-job behavior into all of its products and services as a market differentiator.

Leveraging this research, our team of security consultants engage with clients to foster their cyber risk posture in a new and more effective way than experienced before.

Focus on the

Human Element of

Cyber Risk First.

Risk-Style Assessment

Foundational personal style questionnaire

Cyber Awareness Training

Style-Aligned and adaptive Learning Platform

Cybersecurity & Leadership

Advancing risk and compliance culture

Custom Cyber Content

Custom curriculum and education content

Cyber Risk Dashboard

Model cyber risk posture in real-time

Phishing Awareness Training

Style-Aligned Phishing training

Digital Citizenship Learning

Student and Teacher cybersecurity education

Cyber Risk Advisory

High-Impact practices action plan