Introducing cybermetrIQs

Managing cybersecurity risk more effectively and efficiently

Put cybersecurity risk in financial terms to better align with your overall business strategy

Our patent-pending myQ Assessment provides an accurate cybersecurity Risk-Style for each individual employee indicating which threats they are most vulnerable to. With your unique employee-makeup uncovered, our cybermetrIQs Advance Reporting Module aggregates reliable global data sources into a single dashboard that not only calculates the probability and cost of a cybersecurity breach unique to your size, industry and geography, but just as importantly, assists in developing cyber hygiene best practices according to standard industry frameworks.
Our breakthrough approach allows you to effectively lower your total organizational cyber risk by understanding the unique makeup, or “cyber DNA”, of your organization using three simple steps to measure and manage your people, process and technology.

3-Steps to Improved Cyber Risk Management

1. myQ - Style Assessment

2. cybermetrIQs - Cyber Risk Dashboard

3. unIQue - Adaptive Learning Platform

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Track employee cyber awareness training completion rates (unIQue or third-party training solutions) to get real-time impact on your probability of a cybersecurity breach and the specific ROI of your training investment as it relates to decreasing risk cost effectively.

Human Cyber Risk Elements

What is Your Organization's Human Cyber Risk Makeup?

The results of the patent-pending cyberconIQ myQ Style Assessment deliver a personal cyber Risk-Style that corresponds to one of four quadrants, which provides a way of assessing the degree to which a particular organization’s 'cyber DNA' of individual styles either increases or decreases average risk.

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cyberconIQ Reduce Incidents of Concern web

Process Cyber Hygiene Elements

Model Your Cybersecurity Strategy With Real-time Impacts

cybermetrIQs provides the ability to accurately model the cost-benefit of implementing, or not, the most common improvements in maturity in cybersecurity practices against their specific impact on either the probability of a successful cyber breach or cost of cyber breach recovery.

Technology Cyber Risk Elements

Dark Web and Vulnerabilities Scanning

Scan for known vulnerabilities in your infrastructure to get a readily actionable list of easy to fix cybersecurity risks that offer cyber criminals easy entry points that can harden your cybersecurity practices instantly.

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