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Strengthen Your Awareness of AI Security with Our Free Content & Resources.

Discover techellect™, our AI training, educational content series and resources designed to help users safely navigate artificial intelligence in their work and daily lives! With our continued focus on end-user online safety, we felt compelled to share this free content for the greater good.

Go beyond AI content alone! Discover our Human Defense Platform's patented approach to reducing human-factor cyber risk.
    • Behavioral science approach is proven to reduce phishing failures
    • Automated and adaptive curriculum assignment
    • SaaS or SCORM deployment options

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“If you suppress the use of GAI, it will go underground. People won’t admit they use it, and they will do it from home, exposing you to greater security and privacy risks. Why not get ahead of this curve before that happens?”

Dr. James NorrieFounder and Chief Evangelist

AI Training & Resources FAQs

What is techellect™?

techellect™, the collaboration of technology and intellect, is a suite of content, educational resources and solutions aimed at empowering users to safely use artificial intelligence (AI) applications in their professional or personal lives.

Is it really free to start?

Yes! Consumers can access our free resources for as long as you want through or sign up here. We felt compelled to share this important and timely content to support online safety! If you’re part of an organization looking to go beyond our AI content, consider our full Human Defense Platform to take advantage of more advanced cyber risk management features.

Can I download content to my existing LMS?

Yes! Our AI content can be made available in SCORM format for integration in supported LMS platforms. Email us at to get started today!

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