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CASE STUDY – Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.

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Wesdome Gold Mines is a 100% Canadian Focused Company that has had over 30 years of continuous gold mining operations in Canada. The company’s strategy is to build an intermediate gold producer, producing 200,000+ ounces from two mines, one in Ontario and the other in Quebec.

“The mining industry is under threat from cyber attacks aimed at exploiting its strategic position in global supply chains.”
TrendLabs Research


The value of training users in cybersecurity cannot be understated – as the last line of defense from the literal disaster, the status quo for educating users is not good enough anymore. Although we made progress with our generic training modules, we were searching for a more impactful solution to our cyber portfolio.


“I selected cyberconIQ’s cybermetrIQs Cyber Risk Dashboard as our launch point to first understand our baseline position,” said Director of IT Operations, Marc Leckman.

“From my perspective, cyberconIQ’s cybermetrIQs Cyber Risk Dashboard is revolutionary and a total game changer to have in your company’s cybersecurity arsenal.”
Director of IT Operations


The outcome was exceptional. Not only did Wesdome get useful, measurable data from cyberconIQ’s myQ Stylizer, the cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard provided us with a powerful tool to “blue sky” our cyber roadmap in real time. By allowing our senior management team to ask questions, manipulate the input and review the results, we could all see and agree to where our cyber efforts should go.”

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Download the Wesdome Case Study here.