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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 22, 2020

cyberconIQ Launches Student Cyber Awareness Learning Platform

Where Learning, Cybersecurity and Behavioral Science Intersect


YORK, PA –  February 22, 2020  |  cyberconIQ is pleased to release academIQ, a dedicated, nationally tested, educational product that enables students, grades 7-12 to make wiser choices online. 

academIQ education process begins with the myQ Student Edition. An eight-to-ten-minute assessment, which helps students understand how their personality drives their online instincts and impulses and helps promote self-awareness. After determining their designated quadrant, students will enter the world of academIQ, filled with engaging, age-appropriate, and diverse characters reacting to real-world examples. 

Playful and inclusive environment for students to explore both teacher-led classroom discussions and online curriculum. Made up of an intuitive dashboard with video and application-based learning tools. 

“Delivered either in the classroom or independently, our complete suite of online tools, lessons and resources enables students to better understand themselves and their online instincts and impulses. Also, it helps teachers reframe and refine their understanding of how to encourage mindfulness when online, a critical cognitive function that contributes to improved cybersecurity,” said CEO & Founder, Dr. James L. Norrie.  

Our cost-effective approach is easy to implement and adapts to curriculum standards used throughout the world. We support teachers with relevant lesson plans, study guides and other materials needed to make teaching this important topic universally easier and more relevant. academIQ will help students keep themselves, and their school districts safer online.  


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cyberconIQ is not just another cybersecurity training company. They are a patent-pending Cyber Risk Management platform. cyberconIQ is known for such products as cybermetrIQs Dashboard, myQ Assessment and unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform. Transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts their cybersecurity risk-style. We turn cybersecurity into a team sport that keeps your organization safe from cyberattacks. Visit to learn more about our innovative cybersecurity solutions or email one of our representatives to book a demo today at

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