Fix Your Clicks – Reduce Phishing Failures.


phishFixIQ’s style-aligned solution guarantees to reduce phishing rates by up to 75%.

Up to 90% of all Cyber Breaches are Caused by Human Error

Based on the recent IC3 Internet Crime Report, 2020 continued to showcase the growing concern for phishing threat vectors. We have worked with many different types of clients and have found a common theme: they have addressed as much of the hardware, software and traditional Security Awareness Training (SAT) solutions with only limited success in reducing phishing failures – so what can you do about it?

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Introducing phishFixIQ – Proven to Measurably Reduce Click-Through Rates on Phishing Schemes

  • Our innovative approach incorporates CYBERology™, the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology which provides insight to one’s personal Risk-Style and how that affects their online behavior
  • Our solution improves mindfulness and situational awareness to overcome one’s natural online impulses and instincts – guaranteed

phishFixIQ™ Unique 3-Step Approach

Reinforced by our Patent-Pending myQ Stylizer, which provides insight to ones personal Risk-Style and how that affects their online behavior, our solution is proven to reduce phishing test failures – guaranteed.

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Assess Your Human Risk –
We’ll Fix Your Clicks!

Assess your organizations’ cyber exposure based on employee Risk-Style with myQ.



Complete the Style-Aligned cyberconIQ Phishing Training

Train your employees based on their Risk-Style for proven results.

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Re-Test Your Team
within 30-days!

Re-test your users within 30 days with your phishing solution and watch those click-rates decrease – guaranteed