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Security & Risk Management Leaders – What If You Could…

February 13, 2023  | By: Dr. James Norrie

Better Engage Business Leaders and Peers?

Often, we find security and risk professionals frustrated by a lack of true engagement among their peers regarding the complexities of the challenges organizations face in keeping themselves clear of cybersecurity incidents.  Yet, when something happens, frequently they blame us for the failure.  Maybe this arises from treating cybersecurity as a technical issue instead of a pervasive business risk?  At cyberconIQ, our proven methods incorporate human, cultural, and behavioral risk into everything that we do. Our platform simplifies and standardizes security measurement into a single, insightful dashboard specifically designed to deliver actionable executive insights that matter.

Proactively Measure Breach Potentiality in Real-Time?

Our platform delivers a clear and concise understanding of your specific threat landscape across three dimensions:  a mapping of your organization’s specific risk exposure compared to peers, and to established security control frameworks; tracks actionable and specific insights defining the ROI of existing and future security-related initiatives over time; and reports exposure to breach potential including estimated mitigation costs, event materiality, and business continuity, brand, and reputational impacts.

Ease the Burden of Security Compliance and Regulatory Reporting?

Our platform presents everything it does in the language of business. It includes reliable artifacts to accompany regulatory reporting that seamlessly incorporate your existing cybersecurity control frameworks, and we extend these to include human and behavioral factors in addition.  What are your controllable risk mitigators and amplifiers and why?  These insights are used to measure and compare improvements in your security posture over time and reduce the level of time and effort required from your security team to meet mandatory and voluntary compliance, enterprise risk management, and audit reporting standards.

Implement a Standardized Factor Analysis Model Today?

Especially if you are an SEC-regulated company, our platform can support critical aspects of newly required 8-K and 10-K reporting. We include a simplified materiality assessment model to assess the impact of any cyber event within hours of its detection. Our simplified factor analysis model uses either our standardized data or your existing data insights, to highlight the potential costs of a breach versus making proactive improvements in security maturity instead. Or perhaps you want to assess the right levels of coverage for your cybersecurity insurance policy renewal?

Our “Return on Security Investment” (ROSI) model is an invaluable aid to cost-benefit conversations that can loosen budgets, and attract more investment in security maturity, or right-sizing insurance coverage and costs. You can strategically determine your organization’s risk appetite and manage new investments over time to contain those within acceptable tolerances.

Accelerate Your Security Team Acumen?

Security talent is in scarce supply everywhere. You count on them to deliver the results you need.  Yet experienced security team members are at risk of attrition unless you provide professional learning and development opportunities.  Exposing them to innovative ways of measuring human factors risk; managing insider threats; and proactively reducing the real potentiality of a successful attack by measurably reducing organizational susceptibilities invigorates and energizes your team. We help you highlight their work across the organization and improve their sense of pride and accomplishment. Our platform embeds a more security-minded culture across the enterprise, making your enterprise a security standout while sharpening their professional skills and gaining more influence.

Our innovative behavioral approach decreases enterprise risk by providing personalized support regarding specific organizational risk amplifiers and mitigators to quantify the return on security investment. Starting with leading security control frameworks, we extend those to incorporate human factors as major drivers of security culture and employee compliance.  To learn more about our game-changing platform, contact to schedule a 30-minute meeting to explore our patented, proven methods.