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CASE STUDY – Renova Health LLC

Renova Health


Renova Health LLC partners with large clinic practices, hospital systems to help deliver better patient outcomes at a lower cost. The key to their success is their highly skilled, caring, and passionate Care Managers who create and nurture a personal, trusting relationship with each patient that helps to uncover deeper insights and ultimately leads to superior healthcare outcomes.



Renova Health LLC required a solution to replace their existing cybersecurity awareness training provider that could not meet their new compliance requirements. Looking for improved results and an integrated document management offering, they worked with our partner ICS Cyber Management to address this new functionality.

“cyberconIQ is the next step in the evolution of our cybersecurity plans.”
Chief Technology Officer, Renova Health LLC


ICS Cyber Management introduced our myQ Style Assessment and unIQue Cyber Awareness Platform to address their security needs. Renova Health found the unique approach innovative and more effective than their previous vendor’s generic training offering.

Additionally, working with cyberconIQ’s Account Team, the new document management functionality was addressed to help with Employee Handbook tracking and filing. This new solution simplifies the administration and management of new documentation in our integrated dashboard solution and addresses their internal compliance requirements.


The team at Renova Health LLC experienced positive results and feedback from their employees and management right away. Not only did the solutions address their technical requirements, they found working with the Account Team and our Partner easy and supportive from day one.

““We found cyberconIQ’s cybersecurity awareness solution very unique and effective. Our employees are more cyber aware online and more engaged in both their professional and their personal lives!””
Karla Paige Hackworth, Human Resources Director


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