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Everlink Connections 2020 Conference – Success Through Adaptation 

CEO & Founder Dr. James Norrie spoke at the Everlink Connections 2020 Conference. This was the 12th consecutive conference, and the first online event. Everlink Connections has rapidly grown over the years to become one of Canada’s leading conferences for Financial Institutions and service providers. “In 2018, 100% of attendees surveyed stated that the conference fulfilled their expectations. In addition, 90% of attendees surveyed said that they will return in 2021.”

Dr. Norrie took this time to expose the emergent hypothesis that global cybersecurity is increasingly about geopolitics and global technology supremacy among nation-states. Understand why the biggest threat to contemporary democracy lies in our increasing reliance on social technologies and computer-intermediated transactions in a demonizing age of decreasing information literacy that fosters social disruption and divisive partisan discourse over freedom, civility, and hope. This thoughtful keynote embeds considerable thematic content appropriate for global executive teams, policy makers, legislators, politicians, and those engaged in managing global risk, defense, and intelligence functions.