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SC Media eSummit  | Email Emergency: Steering Clear of Phishing and BEC Scams

Virtual Conference Date & Time:

Tuesday June 14, 2022 10:45 am EST to Wednesday June 15 4:00 pm EST 

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Session Description:

On June 14-15, SC Media will gather together practitioners and experts to share their insights on email security, to discuss topics such as:

  • Results from CyberRisk Alliance’s Email Security & Phishing Research Survey
  • The latest examples of email attack techniques and social engineering campaigns targeting your employees
  • Tips for improving your phishing tests and simulations
  • Special security awareness recommendations for high-level executives at risk of spear phishing and impersonation
  • Best practices for email authentication techniques such as SPF, DMARC, DKIM and BIMI
  • How both email attackers and defenders are leveraging AI technology

Hear From Our Very Own Dr. James Norrie on Wednesday at 1:30 pm EST:

Title: “Transform Your Cybersecurity Approach With CYBERology™ – Reduce Phishing Failures by up to 95%”

Abstract: Based on ground-breaking research, this presentation reframes fear and despair of on-going cyberattacks into hope that we can prevail when we understand how to harness the power of knowledge and teamwork.  Dr. James Norrie introduces CYBERology™ – the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology, whereby most organizations focus on technology and risk-controlled process designs as their primary risk mitigation tools, he demonstrates how refocusing management’s attention on the HUMAN element can help reduce phishing failures by up to 95%!

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