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cyberconIQ Completes Strategic Acquisition of Edify KMS

While Gaining a Full-time Vice-President of Learning Technologies


YORK, PA –  August 9, 2021  |  cyberconIQ acquired Edify KMS to further develop their current products as well as future innovations. The hiring of Rik Cardiff in the process, is instrumental to cyberconIQ’s strategic business plan.

Edify KMS is a cloud-based learning management system and dynamic content authoring system designed and developed by developer expert – Rik Cardiff. Edify KMS was designed to be a fully customizable, white-label application. cyberconIQ knows emerging with Edify KMS is the perfect solution for their training requirements, so begins the relationship.

Over the past year I’ve worked very closely with cyberconIQ’s wonderful team in customizing their cybersecurity training solutions. We’ve shared a vision all along that encompassed not only what we’ve built today but where we want to take the platform into the future. Eventually it became clear that I was already working full-time for cyberconIQ and the best way to really gain the freedom in both development potential and my full focus to execute our vision was for cyberconIQ to acquire Edify KMS and me along with it to continue developing it into something truly powerful and unIQue,” said hire, Rik Cardiff.

Cardiff designed and developed Edify KMS to address twenty years of client requests, development holdups and production costs. The acquisition of Edify KMS will speed up training deployment so that content can be designed, tested then deployed instantly without a lot of the traditional administrative and logistical delays that come with the product development process.

Building effective, online learning is an art, especially with a complex and constantly changing subject like cybersecurity. Our unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform was born from Rik’s innate understanding of this art form, and from the limitations of existing LMSs. Our learning and development team have designed ground-breaking awareness training, yet we are only scratching the surface of what this platform has to offer. Welcoming Rik to our growing team and bringing his expertise in-house allows us to pioneer even more sophisticated approaches to keeping our participants and customers safe from a potential online attack, ” said Roger Ley, Chief Technology Officer.

Rik will be working directly with CTO, Roger Ley in the implementation of new concepts and cybersecurity training solutions.

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