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cyberconIQ Launches Patented myQ Style Assessment

Where Cybersecurity and Behavioral Science Intersect 


YORK, PA –  March 01, 2020  |  Our foundational myQ Assessment is the heart of what makes cyberconIQ so unique. Driven by trait-based personality theory, it provides insight into one’s online “style” or behavior. 

In eight to ten minutes, myQ Assessment places you into one of four quadrants. Your personal style shows the intersection of these two dimensions- risk and rule tolerance. Knowing where each employee falls into, is all it takes to change your company’s corporate culture. To empower your employee’s online safety confidence, you must first realize every employee is different, and the same training cannot be given to everyone. 

“The results of the patented cyberconIQ myQ Style Assessment deliver a personal cyber Risk-Style that corresponds to one of four quadrants. With these, we can identify an individual’s particular risk/rule style and the specific to types of potential cybersecurity attacks or threat vectors they may be susceptible to. Results are given immediately after the completion through encrypted email as both a positional graph and a summary of your personality description”, said CEO & Founder, Dr. James Norrie.  

cyberconIQ myQ Quadrants

By combining knowledge of your online instincts with your learning preferences, our platform provides an engaging and effective learning experience like no other, helping you stay safer online at work and at home. 

Avoid common attacks by recognizing how you are being targeted and take the necessary steps to better protect yourself. Through our unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform and its style-aligned cyber awareness training, your leadership and employee teams will feel more confident against cyber-attacks. We provide adaptable, applicable, and reliable tactics that when consistently implemented by employees has been shown to reduce incidents of concern by 40 percent. 

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cyberconIQ is not just another cybersecurity training company. They are a patented Cyber Risk Management platform. cyberconIQ is known for such products as cybermetrIQs Dashboard, myQ Assessment and unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform. Transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts their cybersecurity risk-style. We turn cybersecurity into a team sport that keeps your organization safe from cyberattacks. Visit to learn more about our innovative cybersecurity solutions or email one of our representatives to book a demo today at

Note: Updated December 2022

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