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Webinar | Navigating the New SEC Cybersecurity Regulations

Going Beyond the Check Box in Human Risk Compliance

Conducted October 18, 2023

Hosted by Dr. James Norrie, Founder and Chief Evangelist and Roger Hockenberry, CEO

The new SEC Cybersecurity Regulations require organizations to “go beyond the checkbox” to meet compliance requirements. The updated regulations will put more pressure on the cybersecurity team, require the C-Suite and the board to enhance & develop their cyber expertise, understand cyber as a business and reputational risk, and will require that executives have the ability to identify, track and report existing risk and focus on investing to help minimize that risk. Are you prepared?

This webinar highlights the following ways cyberconIQ can help navigate the new regulations by:

• Rapidly Identifying High Risk Areas (Including third party risk)
• Changing behaviors and creating a Security 1st Culture
• Effectively measure and reduce risk
• Providing insight into organizational cyber risk DNA

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