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2021 Pennsylvania Department of Education Data Summit


March 22 – Virtually Empowering Digital Citizenship 

academIQ-Logo-EWC-greyDo you worry about your student’s online safety? Worries and anxiety have become a normal feeling considering the virtual world we live in. Based on relevant research by EdTech, students are more at risk online than any previous generation and this is because they live their lives out loud and online and are not shy to share information. In fact, the K-12 Cyber Incident Map from The K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center shows there have been 1000+ cybersecurity incidents since 2016 in school districts. Educating students from an impressionable young age on how their online behavior effects their online impulses. 

In an age where our digital footprint matters more than ever, how do we give our students an edge that will make a difference that impacts the rest of their lives. We need to empower them to learn how their online behavior affects their decisions. Please join us for a more in-depth look into online behavioral psychology as we teach our students about cybersecurity. See why we need to take steps to close the barrier between cybersecurity and behavioral science. The goal is to create educated digital citizens, one student at a time.

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