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Forefront 2021 Virtual Summit

March 5, 2021 – Virtually Empowering Digital Citizenship – The ABC’s of Cyber Awareness 

Forefront 2021, brought to you by The Procedo Project, is a virtual event created specifically for administrators, educators and stakeholders in Catholic education who want to be innovators and change makers.

Participants will learn from each other, curate best practices and plan for the future of education.

cyberconIQ - Jessica Gutierrez - Forefront 2021 SpeakercyberconIQ’s Content Designer & Developer, Jessica Gutierrez, will be joined by CEO & Founder, Dr. James Norrie, to discuss the importance of empowering students to be mindful of their digital footprint.

Session Title: Virtually Empowering Digital Citizenship

Session Description: In an age where our digital footprint matters more than ever, how do we give our students an edge that will make a difference that impacts the rest of their lives? We need to empower them to learn how their online behavior affects their decisions. Please join us for a discussion-based presentation where we give you a look into online behavioral psychology in relation to digital citizenship. We will give you ideas that you can implement in class with your students to become responsible and mindful while online.

Session Date & Time:
Friday, March 5th from 5:00p.m. – 5:45p.m.

To register – please follow the link here.

The end goal is to create educated digital citizens, one student at a time!
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