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Partner Webinar | 5 Myths of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Session Date & Time:

Tuesday May 17, 2022 – 1:00-2:00 pm EST

Click to Register   < Event hosted by our Partner Reclamere.

Session Description:

Discover the benefits of this proprietary methodology for cybersecurity and how existing generic training programs just aren’t helping to change risky behavior. We’ll review the benefits of leveraging the CYBERology™ approach and how we address the top 5 myths with cybersecurity training programs. You’ll also hear from one of our clients on their experience with the platform!

All attendees will receive a FREE 15-Minute Security Assessment to demonstrate how we calculate the ‘cyber DNA’ of your organization with our powerful Cyber Risk Dashboard!

Hear From an Existing Client and Their Success Stories.

“More than just dispelling common myths, we look forward to discussing how our platform empowers users with personalized cybersecurity education that is proven to work better than generic alternatives.” says Tanya Foster, Director of Channel Alliances.

“Organizations can no longer believe that security awareness training has a “one-size” fits all solution. In order for employees to be the strongest first line of defense we must deliver training that meets their individualized risk style,” says Joseph P. Harford, Founder, and President.


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