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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | October 18, 2021

cyberconIQ Offers FREE 15-Minute Cybersecurity Assessment

The first step in reducing Ransomware risk for your organization


YORK, PA –  October 18, 2021  |  Most organizations are facing increased scrutiny and questions around their cybersecurity program. Let cyberconIQ assist in reducing your cyber risk and strengthening your program with our introductory 15-min Security Assessment.

“There’s a cost to every risk.  Know it and understand it, because what you don’t know can hurt you, which is why ongoing assessment of your cyber risk is imperative,” said Todd Spahr, Chief Information Leader at cyberconIQ.

According to Yahoo! Finance, “The high level of concern over the ability to withstand cyberthreats in today’s complex environment is causing 91% of employees to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2021.” cyberconIQ’s Security Assessment is accessible to all organizations – from SMB to large enterprises, from public to non-profit to private, our team of security experts designed the best tool needed to measure and manage your cybersecurity process and protect your business. We understand budgeting and resources are tight, so take the assessment and get insight to high impact practices that can reduce your cyber risk!

“The cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard is different than anything we’ve seen before, as it gives you the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition. It allows you to objectively demonstrate options for your clients in real-time and to cross-sell your services. It enables you to show where you can help and where the clients can help themselves against potential cyber risks. It’s a win-win for us and our clients,” said Managing Partner, ICS Cyber Management.

15min Security Assessment - Powered by CybermetrIQs newAfter the 15-Min Security Assessment, your organization will understand:

  • The probability and potential costs of a cyber breach for your organization
  • Your organizations Risk Score and what risk elements need to be addressed to lower it
  • Your organization’s potential risks relating to Blacklists, Privacy, Exposure, DNS Security, HTTP and HTTPS and Connection Security of your domain

Book your FREE 15-Min Security Assessment today to align your cybersecurity goals with your overall business strategy! Or Click here to learn more about the full cybermetrIQs Cyber Risk Dashboard solution.


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cyberconIQ, Inc. through its patented research, offers a full suite of SaaS based solutions that are proven to measurably reduce the probability of a human factors cybersecurity breach. Operating at the intersection of technology and psychology, cyberconIQ embeds proven behavioral science methods targeting changes in on-the-job behavior. cyberconIQ solutions reduce the probability of successful cyber breach by educating more effectively and more efficiently through style-aligned adaptive training and reduces the total cost of a breach through our platform’s ability to measure people, process, and technology maturity against bench-marked best practices. Visit to learn more or email us to book a demo today at


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