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cyberconIQ Partners with CAA to offer Members Cybersecurity Education

CAA Launches Newest Member Benefit – Providing Enhanced Online Safety

Attention CAA Club Group and CAA Manitoba members!

Is online safety a concern for you? Discover a new and engaging way to better protect yourself online with a free and personally curated Cybersecurity Education program, a new CAA Member Benefit, powered by cyberconIQ!

cyberconiq caa Member Benefit

“Our Members told us they wanted help in better understanding cybersecurity,” remarked Kin Lee-Yow, Chief Information Officer of the CAA Club Group (CCG). “We felt we could fill this gap by offering relevant and timely training.”

Members get access to our innovative education platform that customizes cybersecurity training content to their personal style, covering topics like:

  • Empowering users against cyber threats
  • Password safety tips
  • Data care and privacy
  • Online shopping safety

CAA Members, Click to Register Today – protect yourself and your loved ones from online cyber threats.


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