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Podcast – Special Guest

SaaS Backwards Episode 89: Why cybersecurity is a behavioral problem – with Dr. James Norrie, CyberconIQ

The SaaS Backwards podcast interviews Dr. James Norrie, founder of cyberconIQ, and tells us how he realized that the key to changing behavior is through personalized education—and by understanding individuals unique characteristics, preferences, and vulnerabilities it becomes possible to tailor educational interventions.

Now with a rapid evolution in the marketplace, emerging SEC guidelines, and changes to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) everybody is beginning to realize that when technology has created a problem, it can’t always be used to solve it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The important difference between raising capital and running a business—they’re both full time jobs.
  • Why the recent SEC Guidelines requiring the disclosure of material cybersecurity incidents and risk management, strategy and governance by public companies is important for all SaaS companies to map to.
  • Why they developed free training at to enhance confidence in AI applications.
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