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Transformational CISO Assembly Sponsorship & Workshop

Millennium Alliance offers A platform for business transformation leaders in the industry


Transformational CISO Assembly - cyberconIQ

The team at cyberconIQ is excited to announce the sponsorship of the upcoming Transformational CISO Assembly, hosted by Millennium Alliance. This event is set to be a groundbreaking opportunity for Global Chief Information Security Officers to meet face-to-face and connect on the current trends & challenges the industry is facing.

About Millennium Alliance Events:

millennium alliance transformational ciso event logoThe Assembly agendas are data-driven and curated by the industry-expert Advisory Board (a group of trailblazers with a proven record of digitally transforming their organizations from the ground up) as well as by award-winning research partners and leaders who attend the events. To be one of their event delegates, you need to be personally invited to join by a member of the Millennium Alliance or have an approved application to be a part of the Assembly. This ensures that Millennium Alliance events remain high-level and relevant to the C-Suite, and makes peer-to-peer learning one of the most valuable takeaways from the experience. Their mission is to provide everyone attending with the knowledge and connections they need to transform their organizations efficiently.

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