Press Releases


cyberconIQ Named Identity Management Day Champion

March 19, 2021
cyberconIQ Named Identity Management Day Champion

cyberconIQ Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021
cyberconIQ celebrates International Women's Day!

cyberconIQ Launches Student Learning Platform – academIQ

February 22, 2021
academIQ provides a total solution to raise cybersecurity awareness -- lesson plans, curriculum, assessments and everything needed to advance literacy and personal cybersecurity intelligence for students.

Michelle Stagaard Named Public Relations & Social Media Lead at cyberconIQ

January 4, 2021
York College graduate to fill PR responsibilities at cyberconIQ HQ.

cyberconIQ Receives Grant from Ben Franklin Technology Partners

November 6, 2020
cyberconIQ selected to receive exclusive Ben Franklin Technology Partners grant in PA.

cyberconIQ Opens Corporate Office in York, PA

October 26, 2020
cyberconIQ, a start-up cybersecurity company, announces they will plant their roots in York, PA.

cyberconIQ Launches Patent-Pending myQ Style Assessment

March 1, 2020
Identify employee on-line cyber risk related vulnerabilities and assess enterprise risk DNA with our myQ Style Assessment.

Cybercon: Protecting Ourselves from Big Tech & Bigger Lies

January 29, 2020
Dr. Norrie discusses hypervigilance, personality states that not only fail to prevent security breaches but enhance their possibility, offering that ‘the dominant cybersecurity issue is not technical hacks but human hacks’.